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Our Work

SDM is a 100% volunteer run, grassroots non profit that helps economically disadvantaged cancer patients in India.  Having helped thousands of patients since its inception in 1985, SDM has established itself as a generous and reliable source of support to patients and our on the ground partners.


Our partnerships are with medical institutions who have strong, local community ties.  This is the foundation by which we identify and help the neediest of patients who have been diagnosed and are being treated for all forms of cancer.  

According to Vidal Health Insurance TPA Pvt Ltd, one of India’s 3rd party health insurance administrators, less than 50% of India’s population is covered under some form of health insurance, either public or private.  And, according to the World Health Organization, India has one of the highest rates of out-of-pocket spending in healthcare.  Finally, many of the patients that SDM supports are financially contributing to their families, so during cancer treatments, the loss of income becomes a critical challenge to a family’s wellbeing.









The Regional Cancer Centre (RCC), established in 1981, is a cancer care hospital and research centre in Trivandrum, the capital city of Kerala, India.  It is a tertiary care center for the management of all types of cancer.

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